The furthest state on the west coast to have totality during the 2017 solar eclipse, Oregon will be host to multiple events in many different communities. Below is a list of several that we have either found or been informed about (if you have an event to add, please let us know) :

Images from Oregon during the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Oregon SolarFest 2017:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oregonsolarfest/
  • Website: http://www.oregonsolarfest.com/
  • Info (via oregonsolarfest.com): Astronomical wonder hosted in Pacific Northwest fashionExperience the mind-blowing phenomena of a total solar eclipse during this four-day festival, with events, music and food inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon Solarfest will feature eclectic and alternative music varieties, family-friendly camping, global food tastes, craft beer, and local spirits, delivered on the stunning Central Oregon landscape. There’s nothing else like it, anywhere in the US, and there won’t be ever again—or at least for another 7 years.Our lineup is still in the works, but if you have a unique music variety you feel captures the feel of this spectacular event, feel free to send us your demo at info@oregonsolarfest.com

OMSI 2017 Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OMSI.Museum/events?
  • Website: https://www.omsi.edu/calendar/2017-solar-eclipse-viewing-party
  • Info: On August 21, 2017, Oregon will be the first to see the total eclipse of the Sun. Join OMSI at the Oregon State Fairgrounds where we will celebrate the unique experience of complete darkness for close to two minutes. The Solar Eclipse Viewing Party will include science lectures, astronomy-related community groups, entertainment, and more.Get there early! Doors open at 6AM. The main event will begin around 9AM and the Total Eclipse will be at 10:18AM. A full schedule of activities is coming soon.Parking and camping will be available through the Oregon State Fairgrounds. Check back here for more information coming soon.