The home state of this website’s author, we are extremely excited about the opportunity for so many people in Missouri to see this phenomenal event! The largest populations centers that are within a short drive to totality (Kansas City and St. Louis) are both in Missouri, along with close proximity to the epicenter, and watching the eclipse’s shadow cross over the Mississippi River in Southeast Missouri.

Below is a list of several events that we have either found or been informed about (if you have an event to add, please let us know)

Here are some amazing shots of the Total Solar Eclipse from around Missouri!

Owensville/Rosebud Missouri:

Check out the great pictures taken of the Total Solar Eclipse 2017 in Owensville, Missouri and surrounding area:

St. Clair, Missouri

  • The Northern Cherokee Nation has sanctioned Darkening of the Sun festival just outside of St. Clair, MO (45 min SW of St. Louis, MO). It is a NASA Official Viewing Location and is family friendly.
  • Darkening of the Sun festival

Perryville Missouri:

Augusta Missouri:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreaterAugustaChamberOfCommerceAugustaMo/
  • Website: http://www.augusta-chamber.org/events/event/journey-west/
  • Info: “On August 21, 2017, the Great American Eclipse will be an experience of a lifetime!From 11:48:28 am through 1:15:50pm at about 70% coverage you’ll notice darkening; winds pick up, insects will come out, animals will return to bed/nest/roost.  At about 1:30pm for 2m 19s Defiance, Augusta, Dutzow, Marthasville, and Washington will be in full eclipse.  Path is only 70 miles wide and Augusta falls through this area.  During full eclipse planets and brighter stars will be visible.  Eye protection needed for partial eclipse.  Finishes about 4:30pm.

St. Louis Eclipse 2017 (great source for where to view and events in eastern Missouri!)