Where Is the Best Place To See the 2017 eclipse

Where is the Best Place To See the 2017 Eclipse


We are glad you asked about where to see the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! Although this eclipse has the potential to be the most viewed ever, it will only be seen as a ‘Total” eclipse along a narrow path that will start in the Pacific Ocean west of Oregon, and end off the shores of South Carolina. In an effort to assist you with finding the best spots for viewing, we are sharing information from other websites here. If you or an organization/individual you know is hosting an ‘eclipse party’, please contact us so we can update our party viewing pages.


Below will be hot links to each state that the TOTAL eclipse will occur over. To find the best place to see the 2017 Eclipse, look for the areas that have the longest duration of maximum eclipse time. If your state is not listed, it means that while you may see a partial eclipse, you will not have the opportunity to see it in it’s totality! So make travel plans early, but stay flexible for potential weather changes.


General Camping Note from a Facebook visitor: “… a lot about people not being able to find affordable camping/lodging for the eclipse within the POT.

Hipcamp still has a lot: https://www.hipcamp.com/journal/land/eclipse-campsites-under-100

They also created the most comprehensive map to eclipse camping out there, www.hipcamp.com/discover/eclipse-2017

*Note: It may be best to check out our Facebook Page, as trying to put all events and potential camping sites on our website has become a bit overwhelming, but you can use the following post to guide you on how to search our Facebook page:










South Carolina

Information for these events was either: submitted to us directly; via social media channels; collected through public information sources (search engines); Wikipedia; or found via similar interest websites, who we strongly encourage you to visit for even more resources, information, and to visit their sponsors (this list is not exclusive and may be updated as more information is gathered. If we have used information without permission, please do contact us so we can either give proper credit and reference, or for removal):







NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

For any communities looking to organize a viewing party, I highly recommend the following book from Dr Kate Russo, get it here on her website: Community Eclipse Planning



We love this video explanation of not just where the eclipse will show, but of some of the science behind why an eclipse happens and the historical perspective of the 2017 event: