Columbia Missouri front and center for total solar eclipse in 2017

My home state of Missouri is going to be one of the best spots for watching the eclipse. Although the total eclipse will not be fully experienced in the major metropolitan areas of St. Louis and Kansas City, areas within 1-2 hours drive from these cities will be.


One of the larger communities that will have an opportunity to showcase their town is Columbia Missouri. Home to the University of Missouri, Columbia recently held a workshop to bring awareness to communities along the path of the eclipse. Here is a portion of the story, and please check the link for the full story:


Because the duration of the 2017 eclipse over Columbia is among the longest on the path of totality, Speck and others expect a wave of tourists for the event.

“One goal for this weekend is to have the genesis of a community preparedness packet,”  McGlaun said.

The American Astronomical Society wants communities and local governments to be aware of all the necessary safety precautions associated with viewing eclipses, from eye protection to handling increased traffic.

“It’s only about every 300 years that a particular place is in the path of a total eclipse,” Mark Jones, a member of the St. Louis Astronomical Society who plans to attend the workshop, said.

In May 2012, Jones traveled to Kanarraville, Utah, to view an annular eclipse — one in which the moon is not big enough to block the entire sun, leaving a ring of sunlight around its shadow. The little desert town of 300 people attracted thousands of eclipse enthusiasts seeking the best view. He’s expecting many more people will travel for the 2017 eclipse.

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