2015 Europe Total Solar Eclipse

2015 Europe Total Solar Eclipse


If you live in Northern Europe you will be lucky to have an opportunity to see a Total Solar Eclipse this Friday, March 20th, 2015. Most of Europe will see at least a partial eclipse, depending on of course, visibility. Viewing parties are already lined up in many areas so check your local area, as viewing an eclipse with friends, loved ones, and others who share your passion for all things celestial.


Below is more information garnered from Earth Sky and NASA about this eclipse. Thank you for viewing!


Supermoon total eclipse of equinox sun on March 20


On March 20 – same date as the 2015 March equinox – the moon turns new only 14 hours after reaching lunar perigee – moon’s closest point to Earth in its orbit. Thus this moon is a supermoon – at the new phase – not visible in our sky, but having a larger-than-average effect on Earth’s oceans. Plus this new supermoon swings right in front of the equinox sun on March 20, so that the moon’s shadow falls on parts of Earth. Follow the links below to learn more.

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March 20 partial eclipse times

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From NASA: